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VIDEO: Marcus Johansson Scores First Career Goal, Doesn't Act Like It

Tonight, Capitals forward Marcus Johansson scored his first career NHL goal. Coincidentally, Puck Daddy mentioned earlier today that when a rookie scores his first goal, he should "act like [he's] scored a goal before."

Nuts to that. Why be sportsmanlike when you can go crazy? There have been plenty of iconic goal celebrations in the NHL. Johansson could have (and should have) picked amongst any of these great options.

1. Milan Hedjuk's Slip-N'-Slide

After scoring a game-winning goal, Hedjuk decided to take a dip, bellyflopping at center ice and sliding a few feet before coming to an abrupt, yet awkward halt. Points will be given for style.

2. Teemu Selanne's Duck Hunt

A young Selanne was so fired up (no pun intended) after scoring a goal that he cocked his gun and shot imaginary blanks into the air. His storied tenure with the Ducks just became ironic.

3. Alex Ovechkin's Hot Stick

Perhaps Johansson should have taken a cue from his captain and dropped his stick as a testament to his hotness. Then agin, Don Cherry does not need any more ammunition.

4. Mike Bossy's Running Man

Bossy's resume includes four Stanley Cups. And awesome dance moves. 

5. Zigmund Palffy's Kiss

On second thought, nevermind.