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Morning Commute: The Washington Capitals Win Again

Another test passed, right? Sure, the Washington Capitals had their issues at times with the Tampa Bay Lightning last night. If anything, last night's game looked like a game from last year: slow start, then a huge offensive surge in the third period to put a game away. Also, the Lightning didn't have Vincent Lecavalier for a lot of the game. 

But still, the Capitals took a test from a new Southeast Division rival and passed it with flying colors. In a one-week span, they have now passed tests from the Bruins (physical team with good goaltending that beat them twice), the Flyers (defending Eastern Conference champions), the Rangers (another physical team) and the Lightning (the new Southeast division challenger). They are 12-4, and while you can't win the Stanley Cup in November, you definitely can lose it. 

So again, happy thoughts, folks. It's a long journey, and this is one of the high points.

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