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Alex Ovechkin Wants Women To Know How He Is Outside Of The Rink: Shirtless

Alex Ovechkin has been a busy man lately, promoting his new DVD, "Alex Ovechkin: The GR8," which hits stores Tuesday. And, you know, playing hockey. But on the Lavar Arrington Show with Chad Dukes Monday, Ovechkin made some interesting points, including what to expect to see on his DVD (here's a hint: "his body and his vacation") and his All-Star Game selections.

On Alex Semin's fast start and future in Washington: "I think [he's] playing great. He always has a good start all the time. He helps out team...I hope [he's] going to stay for next year for Washington."

On who he would select with his first pick of the All-Star Game: "I don't know the rules, so it's pretty interesting." (Asks Arrington and Dukes if they know the rules). "I'm going to take probably Semin."

On what to expect on the DVD: "It shows my life, my hometown, my family, my friends. They are going to see some crazy stuff, like a little of my body and a little of my vacation."

On what he wants people to learn about him from the DVD: "People know me as a hockey player. Most of the guys, and most important the girls, want to know who I am outside of hockey rink."

Do girls like him? "Some girls yes, some girls no. It depends."

Later, DC Sports Bog's Dan Steinberg separately asked Ovechkin why he is shirtless for most of the DVD. His response? "I have great body."

Sometimes, the stories just write themselves.