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VIDEO: Alexander Semin Scores League-Leading Third Hat Trick

Some players have to wait years to score a hat trick. Some players go an entire career without earning that achievement.

Alexander Semin? He's done it six times now. And tonight, he did it in just 4:29.

If you can't appreciate the passing on the second two goals, then you may wish to visit a different website, because you're obviously not much of a sports fan.

Rookie Marcus Johansson helped create the first goal. The second two goals each came on the power play, and each came off assists from Nicklas Backstrom and Alex Ovechkin. Semin's third goal in particular featured an absolutely beaufiul pass from Backstrom in which the center passed the puck underneath a defender and across the mouth of the goal to find Semin open at the back post.

Semin now leads the league with three hat tricks this season. Oh yeah, and his name is still not on the All-Star ballot.