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Alexander Semin Played Well Last Night Despite Feeling Sick

There are two definitions of the word sick. One could describe the shootout goal he had last night, the other to describe how he felt when he took the ice. According to Katie Carrera of the Washington Post is reporting that Alexander Semin was sick last night and it wasn't a definite that he would even play.

Following the game, Coach Bruce Boudreau revealed that Semin was feeling a bit ill before faceoff and that it was uncertain if he would play.

Hockey teams are notoriously stingy with information about injuries and health issues, so it is no surprise that we didn't hear about it before the game. Props to Alexander Semin for playing through an illness, and playing one of his most successful games of the season while he was feeling under the weather.

Semin finished the game with a point and an assist on four shots on goal. In a game that ended up being decided by the slimmest of margins, Semin's ability to play through sickness was critical for the Caps.