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Washington Capitals Injuries: Lot's Of Maybe's For The Game Against The Rangers

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This update on the state of the Capitals injuries isn't really much of an update at all, because it doesn't give a lot of solid concrete information. But because it came straight from the horse's mouth, it is worth noting.

Boudreau "thinks" Laich will play against the Rangers, Poti is a "we'll see" and Neuvirth will start.less than a minute ago via ÜberTwitter

Boudreau also added that the sky "may" be blue and that the ocean was "potentially" wet. The only thing we really learned from this update is that Michal Neuvirth will be starting tonight, which is something we probably knew in the first place.

But we can read a little further into this to decipher that Brooks Laich and Tom Poti are at least getting close to returning from their injuries, which will be a big boost for the Caps' back line. But until they come back, the team will continue to be a little thin back there.