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Morning Commute: It Is Way Too Early To Start Booing The Capitals

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By all accounts, the Capitals put on a very poor effort last night. Being shut out by one of the poorer teams in the NHL is by no means inspiring, especially when it comes on the heels of another uninspiring loss. I understand that this is the type of thing that might frustrate fans, but is it really time to start booing them as they leave the ice?

For one thing, it's December. These games don't mean anything in the grand scheme of things (as long as you get into the playoffs obviously). I am by no means saying that the Capitals should not be putting forth their best effort on a nightly basis. But even when they don't, that doesn't make it acceptable for the fans to boo.

This is still the Washington Capitals This is still one of the best teams in the NHL. We know this. Just because they have hit a little bit of a rough patch, doesn't mean that it's ok to start booing them. This is when they need support from their fans more than any other. What does it say about the fans of the team that they jump ship at the first sign of hardship?

Contrast that with the Redskins, a team that deserves to be given up on. Yet, Daniel Snyder is still asking for the fans to show some patience and have faith. That is a team that warrants booing. And if you look at the Redskins season and the Capitals season, it's not really a comparison.

It's way too early to start booing a team that can still be considered one of the contenders for the Stanley Cup. They have plenty of time to turn it around, and we know that they have the players capable of it. They just need a little bit of support from their fans.

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