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Alex Ovechkin Does Not Believe In Superstitious Shaving Rituals

Playoff beards are a rite of hockey passage. Every spring we have grown accustomed to accustomed to witnessing NHL players forsake brush and blade to grow their playoff beards, which range from the scraggly teenager variety to the chest manes that would make Grizzly Adams proud. Unfortunately, it looks like we may longer count Alex Ovechkin amongst those observing the tradition. As chronicled by blog Russian Machine Never Breaks, Ovechkin first commercial for Gillete has dropped in Moscow, and Ovie challenges the traditional conventions of hockey's rituals.

(Video and translation after the jump)


RMNB was also kind enough to provide a translation of the commercial, which reads as the following:

There’s a superstition that you can’t shave before the important games. This is a great excuse for a hockey player with sensitive skin! But with Gillette Series Aftershave Balm, you won’t feel dry or tightened skin anymore. The new balm’s formula with aloe vera moistens skin after shaving. So from now on, use Gillette, and have no superstitions!

Well I now know who to blame for the Capitals four game slide, it's those aloe vera moisteners! Also, I'm stunned that no one has pointed out the phenomenal amount of chest bling that Ovie is sporting in this commercial. How can anyone avoid a shaving cut when weighed down by that much jewelry? And those Gillette uniforms....yikes. Obviously, the hockey gods are troubled by this recent turn of events and have decided to punish Ovenchkin. Here is hoping that he can make amends quickly and return to his goal scoring ways.