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Don't Expect Commercial Star Bruce Boudreau On HBO's '24/7' Series

We all know Capitals head coach Bruce Boudreau as the star of many local commercials. Usually, he's shopping for cars, throwing house parties or performing bird calls. But with HBO's "24/7 Penguins/Capitals: Road To The Winter Classic" set to debut tomorrow night at 10PM, an HBO executive has warned us that the seemingly cuddly Boudreau is nowhere to be found.

In an interview on Puck Daddy Radio, senior producer Dave Harmon talked about different aspects of the show. Last season's effort, "Hard Knocks," chronicling the New York Jets' training camp, featured Jets head coach Rex Ryan and his quite peculiar sayings. While we don't know if Boudreau will be getting any snacks, Harmon did say that the vulgarity level on "Penguins/Capitals" is higher than "Hard Knocks."

I would say this show has more vulgarity than that show. And I'm not just saying that to get you to watch. I'm saying it's because there's a reason: This is the regular season. This isn't preseason. And what the Capitals in particular are going through, and what Boudreau is like, have all merged to be a show that [for] the nighttime version, you're going to have to hide the kids.

Harmon specifically mentioned a timeout called in the Capitals' 7-0 loss to the New York Rangers Sunday. According to Harmon, HBO cameras picked up every word of Boudreau's timeout tirade.

Much has been made about how influential this series could be for the game of hockey. With the show starting tomorrow, the time for talk is over. Or perhaps in Boudreau's case, it's not.