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Capitals-Penguins 24/7: Bruce Boudreau Isn't Happy

In the fourth game of the Capitals' current seven-game losing streak, the Capitals allowed a goal to the Florida Panthers with just one second remaining in the second period. As we learned tonight on HBO's Capitals-Penguins 24/7, that made Bruce Boudreau pretty upset. In fact, he was so upset that he used some derivative of the word f*** 15 times in a speech between periods.

Some highlights of the speech are as follows:

"I have never seen a bunch of guys look so f****** down when something bad happens. What are you guys like prima donna perfect that you can't f****** handle adversity? So s**** not going right, its not f***** working the last 10 days. F****** get your heads out of your a** and f****** make it work by outworking the opposition ...

Outwork the f****** guys. If you want it, don't just think you want it. Go out and f****** want it. But you're not looking like you want it. You look like you feel sorry for yourselves. And nobody f****** wants anybody thats feeling sorry for themselves.

For what it's worth, that game ended with the Panthers scoring two more goals in the final period and winning 3-0. Is that a statement on Boudreau's style of locker room speech. In that game, it didn't really seem to be effective.