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Capitals-Penguins 24/7: Pittsburgh's Dustin Jeffrey Debuts, Scores

If this premiere episode is any indication of things to come, Capitals fans might not be happy. Washington has often appeared frustrated and almost desperate. The Penguins are just having fun playing games and winning. Still though, we'll see how this all shapes out on Jan. 1.

As HBO turned once again to the Pittsburgh Penguins, 20-year old Dustin Jeffrey was featured. The young forward is getting his first NHL appearance ever in relief of injured Evgeny Malkin. As if things weren't going well enough already for the Penguins, Jeffrey scores his first career NHL goal in the second period.

The Penguins' opponent in this game was the Buffalo Sabres, and they may have just become my second favorite team in the NHL. Mike Weber of the Sabres picked a fight with Sidney Crosby and got the better of him for a moment before Pittsburgh's Chris Kunitz had to come over to rescue his precious little captain. You'll see in a minute what happens when Washington's captain gets in a fight. No help is necessary.