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Capitals-Penguins 24/7: In New York, A Lot Of F-Bombs Are Dropped

The Capitals take the ice at Madison Square Garden Sunday looking to end their five-game losing streak. Bruce Boudreau wanted a positive start, but as we all know now, that didn't happen as the Capitals got their proverbial clock cleaned in a 7-0 loss to the New York Rangers. 

During a stoppage in play, Brandon Dubinsky tells Alex Ovechkin that he "needs to get [his] beard back, baby." Ovechkin replies, "Yeah, you're going to see it soon." Gillette might not be too happy about that.

After falling down by several goals, Boudreau calls a timeout.

We're looking f****** defeated! We're looking f****** defeated right now! Show some f****** courage! F****** play the game properly! You'll score three f****** goals if you do! I'm f****** sick and tired of losing. Let's f****** get our asses out of our heads.    

Boudreau was so mad, he got his words mixed up. I would think that means he's pretty mad.

Dubinsky and Ovechkin fight later in the game, but congratulate each other afterwards with respective "Good job, buddy" compliments. But then Ovechkin screams towards his bench.

F****** come on for f***** sakes!