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Bruce Boudreau Vs. Rex Ryan. Which HBO Coach Speech Was Better?

If there is one thing that HBO is good at capturing, it's a volatile coach in the middle of an expletive laced tirade. And we thank them for that. But we have to ask, who gave the better speech? Bruce Boudreau in last night's premier of 24/7 or Rex Ryan in this Fall's Hard Knocks. So we ask, which rant was better? Videos below, and transcripts after the jump. Be fair warned, both speeches are extremely NSFW.



Transcript of Bruce:

I have never seen a bunch of guys look so f***** down when something bad happens. What are you guys, like prima donna perfect that you can't f***** handle adversity? So s***'s not going right. It's not f****** working the last 10 days. F***** get your heads out of your ass and f***** make it work by outworking the opposition. You killed two f***** men, and then we stand around and watch while they f***** score here.

F***** you just come to the bench like f***** this (puts head down) and when is the power play is not working and you're trying to stick handle looking like this and not standing ... OUTWORK THE F***** GUYS. If you want it, don't just think you want it. Go out and f***** want it! But you're not looking like you want it. You look like you're feeling sorry for yourselves, and nobody f***** wants somebody that's feeling sorry for themselves. You've got 20 f***** minutes and you're down by one f***** shot. Surely the f*** we can deal with this.

Transcript of Rex:

We have one goal as an organization, don't we? One goal as an organization; and that's to win a Super Bowl, right? And that's it. How do we get it done?

I want to lead the league in wins. That's what I want on offense. Lead the league in wins. Ok? We straight with that?

Defense expectations. Hey guys we don't have Revis in this building right now. Does it matter that Revis is not here? God D***, he's pretty F***** good. He's pretty good. Ok? But you know what guys? It ain't about one guy. It's about leading the league in F***** wins on defense, isn't it?

Special teams expectations. I want to lead the league in something, what is it? Wins, how bout that? If we play at our best, we will beat every team in this F***** league playing at their best. So who is it on? Who's shoulders does it fall on? Ours. We affect how this thing turns out, don't we? And it starts with training camp. We have to have a great God D*** training camp.

Last year, hey we were under the radar that's a good place to be. F*** that. The best place to be is when expectations are high. Get used to it. It's always gonna be that way. And now let's go out and prove everybody right. We know we're better than you, we don't give a F**** if you know it or not, we don't give a S*** if you give us you're best game, we're gonna give you our best game, and we're gonna beat the F*** out of you. How's that? Let's go get it.