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Gary Bettman Approves Of Bruce Boudreau's Cursing On HBO's '24/7'

Last week's "24/7" premiere on HBO saw Capitals head coach Bruce Boudreau throw around curse words like nobody's business. It did, however, become somebody's business when his own mother disapproved of his potty mouth. But don't worry, because Boudreau has found an ardent supporter of his expletive-laced tirades: NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman.

While speaking at a media event for the 2011 Bridgestone NHL Winter Classic, Bettman called Boudreau's cursing a "natural part of 'the ultimate reality show.'"

"No one in this room is prudish enough to think that locker room language isn't coarse," the commissioner said.

Foul language is just one thing that Bettman, not known for making the best decisions, could approve of when it comes to the Caps.


  1. The Capitals' recent eight-game losing streak. Bettman understands failure better than anyone in the league, so a two week-long winless stretch is child's play for him.
  2. Alex Ovechkin's early exit from this year's Winter Olympics with the Russian national team. Bettman doesn't even want NHL players to participate, so watching one of his most marketable superstars lose early means that no one will stop him from ending NHL involvement. Still, Bettman better think of something new before the 2014 Sochi Games
  3. The Caps' resurgence in D.C.. Relocation has become a hot button issue lately, so not having to worry about the Washington Capitals turning into the Kamloops Capitals is a plus.