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Capitals-Penguins HBO '24/7' Episode Two: Bruce Boudreau's Philosophy On Winning, Capitals Take On Ducks

The focus shifts to Bruce Boudreau and the origins of his coaching philosophy.

"You just look at the records of the teams that I've played for and coached. We've been successful. And I think one of the reasons is that I hate to lose. I've got my standards...and when they're not happening, I'm visibly upset."

We would have never guessed.

Anyways, the Capitals are getting ready for their game with the Anaheim Ducks, a game that saw the Capitals get many chances. Ultimately, the Caps would fall in a 2-1 overtime loss for their seventh straight game. Afterwards. Boudreau wasn't as visibly upset as he has been, but still managed to curse a lot.

That was a tough because you played your hearts out. If you play like that, you're going to win an awful lot of games in a row. It was a tough f****** loss at the end, made a mistake or two, but that's f****** it. You got a f****** point and that's a start. It's f****** a start uphill, so don't get f****** depressed and hang your heads on that one. That was a great f****** effort from everyone."