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Capitals-Penguins HBO '24/7' Episode Two: Caps, Boudreau Talk About Fighting

Previously on HBO's "24/7," the Penguins were winning and happy, while the Capitals were losing and sad. This week's episode started with the Penguins losing. Suffice to say, the show got off to a great start.

Mike Green looks like a tough guy on a Vespa as he heads to practice. He and Matt Hendricks are talking about injuries when head coach Bruce Boudreau joined the conversation and told Hendricks that he hopes that he doesn't need to fight every night and to take the night off from it. Boudreau believes that every team needs a player like Hendricks, someone who will have his teammates' backs.

Hendricks mentioned that his fighting mentality was engrained in him early in his career. 

It comes down to having a job and making a career. I think it all started last year when I went into training camp. The season before, I had a really good camp, had some goals and was still sent down to the minors....I needed a way to make the opening night roster. Talking to a good friend, he said 'You gotta fight. If you don't, someone else will.' I kind of stick by that motto now.