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Capitals-Penguins HBO '24/7' Episode Two: Christmas Comes Early As Caps Get New Gear, While Ovechkin Shows His Soft Side

In a meeting, George McPhee and Bruce Boudreau go over the Capitals' recent struggles. McPhee believes that "adversity is a good teacher" and that the streak "could be the best thing that could ever happen to us."

Meanwhile, before practice, the Capitals have received new gear, which excites everyone but Jason Chimera, who gets two left gloves.

Alex Ovechkin gets a massage and a lesson in anatomy while suffering cramps in his leg. He heads home to pack for the Caps' weekend road trip. He packs his Playstation and has dinner with his "entourage," his mother and father. While he admits that he will move in with his wife once he finds one, he loves living with his parents as they help him clean and cook. Nothing like a guy living at home with his parents. Or a guy's parents living with him.