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Capitals-Penguins HBO '24-7' Episode Two: Caps Head North To Fight Demons, Matt Bradley Finds A Lobster In His Jacket

The losing streak has hit two weeks and the media is running wild with the story. George McPhee gives his opinion about the media, saying that if they knew the game of hockey, they would be playing it. Bruce Boudreau agreed wholeheartedly. Guilty as charged.

The Capitals' first road trip of the season shows the the team eating dinner. Pranks are played throughout the night. The first comes via Mathieu Perreault, who puts sauce on someone's shoe. Then Matt Bradley finds a lobster in his jacket.

In Saturday's game against the Bruins, the Caps find themselves down 3-0. Normally soft-spoken Mike Knuble provides the commentary during the intermission.

Today, it's 3-0 and it will not f****** be one of these laughers again. It will not f****** turn intoo a 5-0, 7-0 f****** laugher. Where they're f****** giggling getting out of their f******* mess here. We are f****** down 3-0 and we are going to come back and we're gonna f****** win this thing. We're not f****** going in the thank. That is enough right there. That's f****** more than a year's worth. It's not going to happen again.