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Capitals-Penguins HBO '24/7' Episode Two: Caps Win, Fist Pump

The Capitals find themselves down 2-0 to the Ottawa Senators after the first period Sunday. Bruce Boudreau does his best to rally the troops.

I see too much where, some of us, not all of us, are accepting the plight we're in and going 'Here we go again.' This is really an important period for this year. You've got to say 'It's f****** over.' If you don't say it's f****** over, then something bad can really f****** happen. I don't think we want the bad things to happen. So let's get out of our f****** funk and f****** go and do it right now.

It works, because the Caps score three goals in seven minutes to take the lead and keep it for good. In the locker room, the Capitals "WOO" more than Ric Flair, Matt Hendricks asks for cigars and champagne and the entire locker room fist pumps like Ottawa was New Jersey. Hopefully, the Capitals will continue to fist pump Thursday when the Penguins come to Washington for their first match-up of the season.