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Capitals-Penguins 24/7: Alex Ovechkin, Bruce Boudreau Discuss Feelings Towards Penguins

With the game looming between the Penguins and Capitals, each team gets psyched to play. As the Capitals head to the arena, we hear about what they really think of their Pittsburgh counterparts. First, Alex Ovechkin:

This is a huge rivalry. It's kind of what we want right now. We want a game where we feel good. We have to play and we have to win. It's going to be like a war."

Ovechkin gave the generic player answer, but Bruce Boudreau doesn't sugarcoat anything when discussing his and Ted Leonsis' feelings:

I remember my first year here. We were starting to win. And the first game we played against Pittsburgh, we lost. Mr. Leonsis was upset, saying 'These guys beat us all the time. They've beaten us all the time. I hate these guys.'"

No words can describe what this rivalry means to both teams. With the game hours away, actions will definitely speak louder.