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VIDEO: Alex Ovechkin Breaks Dolls, Has Career In Show Business Ahead Of Him

We all know Washington Capitals captain Alex Ovechkin as the antithesis of a normal hockey player (especially if you're comparing him to Sidney Crosby or asking Don Cherry). Media and fans alike in D.C. have been able to watch him evolve from a silent assassin to a new-age superstar. With that in mind, based on a new video from ESPN, Ovechkin could have a career in show business once he retires.

During a visit to ESPN's campus, Ovechkin tested his shooting accuracy skills by firing pucks at Russian dolls filled with Russian dressing. He did quite well and luckily for him, he probably didn't have to clean it up. With the NHL All Star Game about a month away, practice makes perfect, but I doubt the NHL will have anything to do with condiments at its all-star spectacle.

The cheering crowd at the end of the video combined with Ovechkin's showmanship could lead to a career in television after he retires. He's done commercials, he sings and he knows how to use props. Can you imagine an Ovechkin variety show?