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VIDEO: Alex Ovechkin Does A Photoshoot, Reads A Book With Sidney Crosby



Are you tired of Alex Ovechkin-Sidney Crosby hype yet? Too bad, because we're just getting started. First, there was this boring promo from NBC featuring the two of them in a snowstorm. Now, there's this feature story by Vanity Fair, which features a behind-the-scenes look at the two players in a photoshoot. 

The whole thing is a bit weird, with the black and white colors, the Beethoven's Fifth and the awkward interactions between the two players. For example, what exactly are the two players doing reading that book? Hell, what does reading a book signify at all? Are they turning the page on their NHL careers? Are they looking back at all the great wars they've fought? Are they doing this and simultaneously mocking the whole spectacle. The world must know!

Video below the jump. For clearer screenshots, head over to DC Sports Bog.