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Maple Leafs Vs. Capitals: Matthieu Perreault, Alex Ovechkin Extend Lead To 4-1

Someone must have told Matthieu Perreault that the Capitals are looking for guys that can play. He's doing work tonight, and it's paying off.

A spot opened up in Washington's lineup when Tomas Fleischmann was traded to the Colorado Avalanche. But if Perreault keeps playing the way he is tonight, that spot might not remain open for long. Perreault scored his second goal of the night in the second period on a shot that froze Jonas Gustavsson in net. Brooks Laich created the play, while Alexander Semin held his own in front of the net to help screen the goaltender. The youngster Perreault definitely does not look out of place on Washington's second line.

Then, with 13:50 gone in the period, following a heavyweight fight between D.J. King and Colton Orr, Alex Ovechkin extended the Capitals' lead with a beautiful wrist shot. Gustavsson didn't stand a chance as Ovechkin placed the puck perfectly in the far upper corner. With a kiss of the glove and a salute to King as he sat in the box, the Capitals had a three-goal lead.

They've got just 20 minutes left to make sure it stands.