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VIDEO: During NHL Winter Classic, David Steckel Rocks Sidney Crosby With Huge Hit

In hockey, there are players whose primary job is to make big hits and stir up trouble (i.e. John Erskine and Michael Rupp). David Steckel is not one of those players. Steckel is a faceoff specialist, but at the end of the second period of the NHL Winter Classic between the Washington Capitals and Pittsburgh Penguins, he laid a huge hit on the most important player on the ice, Sidney Crosby.

With time running out in the second period, Steckel headed up ice, but not before knocking out Crosby with a huge hit to his upper body. Crosby crumbled to the ice and struggled to get up as time expired. There was no repercussion from any of Crosby's teammates as one would expect; when someone steps up to the captain, someone else gets involved. Ask Matt Bradley.

Crosby took a holding penalty from Mike Green at the beginning of the game and seemed to embellish it just a little bit, even though the penalty would be called regardless. Crosby, known throughout fan (and sometimes player) circles as being a diver, didn't need to dive on this one because he really got flattened.