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Capitals Vs. Flyers: Caps Need To Generate More Shots On Net

The Capitals nearly came back and stole  the game from the Flyers in the third period last night, but ultimately their rally fell short. As Katie Carrera of the Washington Post is reporting, it's not the rally itself that concerns Alex Ovechkin, but rather the need for it in the first place.

"After every game we say if we score one goal ugly we think like okay, this gets us going. It has to be every game, working hard," Alex Ovechkin said. "All guys in this room understand if we work hard and if we use our skill nobody can stop us. Right now you can see first two periods ... we have probably four shots on net, six shots on net. That's not our game. We have to go to the net, find the rebound, crash the net, make some hits and be angry."

The Capitals are a team that makes its living on the offensive side of the puck. When they experience a drought in shots, it usually translates to a loss. Last night the Capitals had nly six shot attempts on net in each of the first two periods while quickly falling behind 2-0. They doubled up in the third period, attempting 12 shots on goal, and were able to score twice int he frame.

Getting goals is a little bit like playing the lottery, you can't win if you don't play. The Caps need to get the puck on net more consistently than they did in the first 40 minutes of the game last night if they want to be successful.