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Alexander Semin Preferred One-Year Contract With The Capitals To Multi-Year Deal

The Alexander Semin contract extension came out of left field a little bit. Because he was set to become a free agent this summer, and his performance hadn't really lived up to his promise since his hot start, he had been the subject of trade speculation all season long. But with his new deal, the Capitals have appeared to lock him down. Well, for at least the next season anyway.

That's one of the big pieces of news coming from this extension. This means the Capitals and Semin will be in the same free agency limbo around this time next year. However, according to Tarik El-Bashir, the one-year contract was Semin's idea, not the Capitals.

[George McPhee] says Alexander Semin was offered a multi-year deal, but the winger wanted a one-year extension.

I'm not really sure what to make of that. I guess he wants to be in Washington, kind of? Maybe he knows that he hasn't played well enough to earn a really high payday and is hoping for a one-year tryout of sorts next season. Who knows?

As for the dollar amount, it has to do with Nicklas Backstrom's salary, according to McPhee. The Capitals did not want to give Semin more next season than Backstrom.