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Alexander Semin's One-Year Contract Extension Does Not Include No-Trade Clause

More details have emerged about Alexander Semin's new one-year, $6.7 million contract. We already know that he was the one who wanted a short-term deal, not the Capitals. We also know that the Capitals did not give him more than $6.7 million because they did not want to pay him more than Nicklas Backstrom, who just signed a 10-year extension last summer. 

Now, we know a couple other things. For example, Semin's deal does not include a no-trade clause. General manager George McPhee said so on NHL Live earlier today. Via Ted Starkey:

GM on @NHLLive: "It's a $6.7M, 1 year deal. He does not have a no trade."    

Semin's new deal also does not include a no-move clause, according to McPhee. This means that there's still a chance Semin is traded at some point this season or next season, though it becomes much more difficult at his new salary.