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2011 NHL All Star-Game: Alex Ovechkin Picked 3rd, Will Join Mike Green On Team Staal

The 2011 NHL All-Star Game fantasy draft began without surprise. After winning the coin toss, Captain Eric Staal selected his Carolina Hurricanes teammate Cam Ward with the first overall pick. Ward will start in net for Team Staal on Sunday. Nicklas Lidstrom of the Detroit Red Wings then selected Steven Stamkos with his first choice. Stamkos is off to a wonderful start with 38 goals and 29 assists so far this season.

But Alex Ovechkin didn't have to wait long to see his name come off the board. As his fellow Capital Mike Green stepped up to announce the selection, it shocked no one to hear Green call his teammate's name.

With Ovechkin and Green on the same side, Capitals fans will have a definite rooting interest. Because as fun as it could have been to see Green trying to defend against the two-time MVP, we really just want to see them both win.

The draft also saw twins Henrik Sedin and Daniel Sedin go to different teams, and Marc-Andre Fleury, the only Pittsburgh Penguins player participating in the event, remain unselected as three other goaltenders have already gone ahead of him.