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VIDEO: Alex Ovechkin Is 'The Worst Actor Ever Nominee'

As Alex Ovechkin prepares to defend his title in the Breakaway Challenge in the 2011 NHL All-Star Skills Competition, he took the time to talk to an attractive female wearing a shiny dress on the way into the event, who happened to be Heidi Androl of the NHL Network.

The interesting tidbit that we learned here is that Ovechkin still hasn't decided what moves he'll do to try to win the Breakaway Challenge for the third straight time. The less interesting tidbit we learned is that Ovechkin prefers to dress casual, without a tie, without cufflinks, and "I didn't even do my button."

(H/T Russian Machine Never Breaks)

In addition to the Breakaway Challenge, Ovechkin will also be competing this year in the Hardest Shot competition, which his Team Staal teammate Zdano Chara has won in each of the past two competitions.

Mike Green of the Capitals will also be featured tonight. He'll be competing in the Fastest Skater challenge and the NHL Skills Challenge Relay.