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NHL All-Star Skills Competition 2011: Zdano Chara Sets All-Time Hardest Shot Record

With his team trying to beat the 2:09 time recorded by Team Lidstrom, Mike Green took the ice as a member of Team Staal's Group 2 in the Skills Challenge Relay. Green was the second shooter in the first leg of the competition, having a moderately difficult angle in which to shoot the puck over a metal guarding the bottom portion of the net. Unfortunately, Green's team failed to advance, through no fault of his own. Kris Letang of the Pittsburgh Penguins took entirely too long to make his three shots prior to Green getting his opportunity. Perhaps Letang was just intimidated with Green standing right next to him.

Team Lidstrom went on to win the event. Damn Penguins.

In an event in which Al Iafrate was once the all-time leader with a 105.2 MPH shot in 1993, Alex Ovechkin took to the ice with hopes of unseating his Team Staal teammate Zdano Chara as champion. Staal elected to send Ovechkin out to face Steven Stamkos, but he could not top the speed of 104.8 MPH set by Shane Weber of the Nashville Predators. On his first attempt, Ovechkin failed to break the 100 mark, and then did a belly flop. On his second attempt, Ovechkin broke his stick, then he broke the time meter, as it failed to register his next two tries while using Kris Letang's stick. Eventually the meter registered Ovechkin's shot, but it didn't matter, because no one really had a chance to beat Chara anyway. The big Boston Bruins player set a new all-time record with 105.9.