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VIDEO: Alex Ovechkin Is An NHL All-Star Skills Champion Again

For the third time in a row, Alex Ovechkin has won the Breakaway Challenge at the NHL All-Star Game Skills Competition. And this year he didn't even have to wear a cowboy hat, Canadian flag, or goofy glasses to win it.

Ovechkin won the challenge due mostly to his second and fourth attempts. On his second try, Ovechkin juggled the puck on the end of his stick before flipping the puck high into the air and quickly rotating his stick to take a baseball swing at the puck, connecting with the shaft. At attempt was saved by Marc-Andre Fleury, but Ovechkin's fourth attempt was not. With his final try and with the title on the line, Ovechkin skated down the ice using the butt of his stick to control the puck, and as Fleury layed down on the ice, Ovechkin dropped to his knees and shot the puck into the net.