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Washington Capitals Are "Overrated" According To Fellow NHL Players

We all remember our high school yearbooks. Besides quickly flipping to our class page to see our awkward photos, the most interesting aspect was the superlatives. Hockey Night In Canada and the NHL Players' Association recently released a poll featuring the opinions of 318 players. The Washington Capitals earned some superlatives from their peers, including "Most Overrated."

According to the poll, 35% of NHL players who responded said that the Caps are the league's most overrated team.

The Montreal Canadiens upset the Washington Capitals in the first round of the playoffs last year, yet the Habs rank third in the most overrated category.

On the other hand the Capitals are in a situation that they have excelled in the regular season the past few years, but haven't made an impact in the playoffs.

That wasn't the only first place vote the Caps accrued. NHL goaltenders voted Alex Ovechkin the hardest player to stop in the NHL with 27% of the vote, while 35% said that Bruce Boudreau would be the easiest coach to play for.

It'd be nice if the Capitals were voted "Most Likely To Succeed." The second half of the season will be a proving ground. Because quite frankly, no one will nominate Ovechkin for "Best Smile."