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Capitals-Penguins 24/7: Washington Practices Outdoors To Prepare For The Winter Classic


  • The show begins with a look at the men that are preparing the ice for the Winter Classic. They describe how they work 10-hour shifts, how they bring the ice in and the ominous weather forecasts. For now, all they're doing is preparing as normal.
  • Next, the show goes to Pittsburgh to recap the Penguins' home game against the Thrashers, where Sidney Crosby extended his points streak to 25 games. The camera pans to Mario Lemieux, who is excited, and then to the players' wives and children. The Penguins win, and Matt Cooke takes the shovel and greets his kids. He then brings his kids into the locker room to show his son's custom suit to his teammates and to his coach. He then kisses his kids goodbye and goes to the plane. Pretty routine stuff.
  • As for the Capitals, they now are playing against Montreal, in a game they won 3-0. They barely show anything from the game, even though it was a huge win. DISRESPECT!
  • Bruce Boudreau said the team "competed their ass off," and discusses the team's outdoor practice. He says there's "nothing there except your equipment, so don't expect to see a lot of the s*** that's around here." This should be fun.
  • Mike Green talked about playing outdoors, right as the camera shows shots of kids playing on the outdoor ice. The Capitals end up going to the Chevy Chase Club instead. They paint their faces black, to deal with the sun, and some people are more imaginative than others.
  • Oh, and Sidney Crosby's points streak ended. Excellent.