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Arron Asham Won't Be Disciplined By NHL For Actions During Fight With Jay Beagle

The major story from the Washington Capitals' 3-2 win over the Pittsburgh Penguins on Thursday night centered around the fight between Pittsburgh's Arron Asham and Washington's Jay Beagle. Asham dropped a bloodied Beagle to the ice with one punch, then celebrated afterwards as Beagle was being treated. However, the NHL has decided not to discipline Asham for his actions, according to a report by Stephen Whyno of the Washington Times.

"While nobody liked the gestures, they simply did not violate the rules as currently written (Rule 75.2 (i) which calls for a minor penalty for unsportsmanlike conduct for "any identifiable player who uses obscene, profane or abusive language or gestures directed at any person," NHL spokesman John Dellapina said in an email response.

Asham was apologetic after the game, calling his own actions "claseless." Perhaps that played a role in the NHL's decision.

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