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Arron Asham Declares Rivalry That Was Never Dead Is 'Back'

Arron Asham may not realize this, but it was less than a year ago that the hatred between the Washington Capitals and the Pittsburgh Penguins was on full display on HBO 24/7. That didn't stop Asham from declaring the rivalry between the two teams was "back" during a soliloquy where he called Capitals' star Alex Ovechin a hypocrite.

"I don’t know what Ovie’s talking about, disrespectful," Asham told the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review. "A guy who throws his stick down and warms his hands over it. He is being a hypocrite himself. The rivalry is back. I’m sure the next game is going to have a lot of fireworks."

Ovechkin wasn't happy with Asham's actions after he knocked out Jay Beagle in a fight on Thursday night and said so to Asham and to the media. Asham thinks Ovechkin is a hypocrite because of his 50th goal celebration that was over two years ago. Whatever, that's noise.

The part about the rivalry being "back?" Much more hilarious. Keep thinking it's you who keeps this historic thing going, Arron.