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Brooks Laich's Unique Way Of Describing Tomas Vokoun's Brilliance

Brooks Laich had his weekly spot on "The Sports Junkies" on 106.7 The Fan earlier Tuesday, and did his typical thing where he says a lot of cliches, but delivers them well enough to make people enjoy hearing him talk. For example, he said the Capitals are "here to win the Stanley Cup, not October" when asked about their 7-0-0 start. It's the kind of thing literally anyone on the team would have said, yet Laich is getting lots of love for saying it.

I was much more entertained by Laich's answer when asked about the brilliance of Tomas Vokoun, who has rebounded from a rough first start to be outstanding for the Capitals this season.

"He's actually really weird in the net. Sometimes he just doesn't move." Laich began, causing the hosts to snicker. "You expect a goalie to move. He just stands there. Then, you pump it right into his pads, and you're like, 'Jeez, he didn't even move!'"

That sounds like a backhanded compliment, but Laich was clear that it wasn't.

"He keeps the shooters guessing. Sometimes, he'll go down, and other times, he just won't move and play the angle," Laich said. "People were panicking about [Vokoun], but he's been excellent."

Tomas Vokoun: a great goalie even though he doesn't move. What a compliment.