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VIDEO: Peter LeBlanc Elbows Alexander Semin In Final Capitals' Preseason Game

While all of you were focused on the Washington Redskins, the Washington Capitals were finishing up their NHL preseason schedule with a game against the Chicago Blackhawks. The Capitals won the game, 4-1, but that was not the most important thing that came out of the game.

No, the most important thing was this hit by Peter LeBlanc on Alexander Semin in the third quarter. Semin was cutting across the ice when LeBlanc nailed him with an elbow to the face. LeBlanc was issued a five-minute major and was thrown out of the game. He'll also surely receive a call from the league about a suspension, as well as the suspension video made by Brendan Shanahan.

Was the major call legit? Should LeBlanc be suspended? Japers' Rink is discussing those issues here. They're also discussing the issue that bugs me as well: why were no members of the Capitals there to fight LeBlanc?

Video below the jump.