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Hurricanes Vs. Capitals: Michal Neuvirth To Start In Goal, Tomas Vokoun Sits

Tomas Vokoun was one of the biggest addition the Capitals made this offseason, and he was expected to come in immediately and help solidify the goalie position this season. Well, it looks like he won't be able to solidify it right away, because he will not be starting in goal for the Capitals first game against the Hurricanes.

Tomas Vokoun tells reporters he won't start against the Hurricanes Sat, but that he expects to face Tampa Bay Monday. #caps
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We don't know yet why Vokoun isn't starting in goal, but it looks like Michal Neuvirth will get the start in the first game of the year. Bruce Boudreau was apparently asked about it during a press conference, but he was unwilling to comment.

We'll have plenty more on why Vokoun is not starting as soon as that information is made available. But for more on the Caps head over to Japers' Rink.