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VIDEO: Jason Chimera's Goal Barely Sneaks Past Brian Boucher

UPDATE: Now with a GIF, via Japers' Rink user dimagus.

The goal by Jason Chimera during the Washington Capitals' 4-3 win over the Carolina Hurricanes was great in one respect and a little hilarious in another. How was it great, you ask? Look at Chimera's speed getting past the Hurricanes defenders and getting in on Hurricanes goalie Brian Boucher.

How was it hilarious, you ask? Well, it wasn't exactly the cleanest shot in the world. As you watch the very end of this video, notice how it barely slips over Boucher's shoulder and drops into the net. Boucher looks so confused because he has no idea where the puck actually is. Eventually, the puck landed behind Boucher, and everyone paused for a beat before celebrating.

It looked like this goal would end up being decisive. It wasn't, of course, because both teams scored two goals after that. Here's the video below the jump, from our friends at CSN Washington.

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