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VIDEO: Brooks Laich Scores Goal Thanks To Quick Hands

Seriously, just watch this backhand flip Brooks Laich gives to score the Washington Capitals' third goal of the game in their 4-3 win over the Carolina Hurricanes. All he did was flick his wrists, and the puck came straight out of the air and into the back of the net.

At the time, this goal looked decisive. The Capitals had a five on three penalty with about four minutes to go in the game, and Alex Ovechkin attempted a slap shot that went wide. Laich positioned himself in front and scored the goal underneath Brian Boucher's legs, and it looked like Washington would win. Alas, the Hurricanes tied it and Mike Green eventually got the glory, so Laich will have to settle for merely scoring an awesome goal.

Video is via CSN Washington, and the GIF is via Japers' Rink user Dimagus.


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