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VIDEO: Nicklas Backstrom Ties It, Then Wins It For Capitals Vs. Ducks

The Washington Capitals were on their way to a frustrating home loss to the Anaheim Ducks, but the Nicklas Backstrom saved the day, scoring a goal in the final minute of regulation, then another in the third minute of overtime to give Washington a 5-4 win. The victory moved Washington to 8-2-0 on the season and snapped a two-game skid.

Here are the two goals scored by Backstrom, via our friends at CSN Washington.

The finish was certainly dramatic, but there are concerns about the team, as Japers' Rink spells out.

If you didn't know it before the season started, you know it now: the Washington Capitals are a good team. Their quick-strike ability can keep them in any contest.  Even on nights that they do not bring their "A" game - like tonight - they still manage to squeak out two points against a quality opponent. But it shouldn't mask the reality that the Caps still have a lot of bad habits that must be corrected. For tonight may have been a memorable win on national television, but there were too many self-imposed miscues that could have cost them, undisciplined mistakes that we saw too frequently the past few springs.


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