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Ducks Vs. Capitals: Bruce Boudreau Discusses Benching Alex Ovechkin On Game-Tying Goal

The Capitals got a very exciting win on Tuesday against a very good Anaheim Ducks squad, but nobody seems to want to talk about the final scoreline. With just over a minute to go in regulation and the Capitals trailing by one goal, Bruce Boudreau pulled his goalie to get an extra-man, but he also pulled his best player Alex Ovechkin. He discusses that decision, and Ovechkin reacts to that move, in this video from CSN Washington. Transcription of those comments below.

Bruce Boudreau:

You watched the game. You tell me. I thought other guys were better than him, and I thought there was just a chance that other guys would score the goal. I gotta put out the guys that I think are gonna score the goal, and 99% of the time Alex is the guy that I think is gonna score the goal. I just didn't think he was going to score the goal at that time tonight.

Alex Ovechkin:

I think the Ward and Brooks Laich line played unbelievable today, they scored like four goals. It's a coaching decision, it's working.