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Bruce Boudreau Fired: Former Washington Capitals Coach Thanks Fans For Support

Former Washington Capitals coach Bruce Boudreau has just given his first public statement since being fired by the team on Monday after four years as its head coach. In a conversation with CSN Washington's Chick Hernandez, Boudreau didn't say much about his opinions on the firing, but did say that he wanted to thank everyone for his support.

"The support from the people has been unbelievable. I can't thank the fans enough. They made this bearable. Losing your job is never easy.

"My wife and I love the D.C. Area. I can see myself, if I never get another job, coming back and staying here forever."

Boudreau will probably find another job soon, so that last comment may be an empty one, but either way, it's a sign of the work Boudreau has done to help bring the Capitals to this high of a level. He was always a charismatic figure locally during his tenure, and this just proves it.