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Mike Green Calls Bruce Boudreau's Firing 'Necessary'

BALLSTON, Va. - Over the last two days, members of the Washington Capitals have shared their thoughts on the firing of Bruce Boudreau. Wednesday, it was Mike Green's turn to express his opinion on the dismissal of his long-time coach.

"No, I haven't actually," Green said when asked if he had spoken to Boudreau. "It's a new chapter now, but obviously he was a great coach and unfortunately we weren't responding here in the last couple months. I think it was a necessary thing, but we're definitely happy to have Dale. He seems like an honest guy, a strict guy. That seems to be what we need maybe for guys to respond properly."

Green played under Boudreau in AHL Hershey, winning the Calder Cup in 2006, and when the Caps promoted Boudreau to Washington, Green flourished and became an All-Star caliber player. In 270 games under Boudreau, Green finished with 76 goals, 153 assists and a plus-79 rating.