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Mike Knuble Explains His Postgame Comments, Says He 'Could Have Used More Tact'

Mike Knuble made headlines on Tuesday night when, following a 5-2 Washington Capitals loss to the Dallas Stars, he called out his own teammates by saying they played like a bunch of "losers" and "clowns." On Wednesday, following a grueling practice conducted by coach Bruce Boudreau, Knuble clarified those comments slightly. Via Stephen Whyno of the Washington Times.

“Yeah. I mean I probably could've used a little more tact or whatever. I'm not a fan of talking about my team to everybody else before I talk amongst yourselves. I probably could've used some better words, maybe. I don't know. But the fact is we're not playing well, and that was pretty evident in our practice."

Knuble said looking back, he would have liked to have raised the issue among his teammates before taking it public to the press. However, he stood by the message of what he said, even though he admitted that the message "comes out funny sometimes."

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