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VIDEO: Washington Capitals Honor Mike Knuble For 1,000th Career Game

There was a lot of hype surrounding the ceremony the Washington Capitals were going to have to honor Mike Knuble for his 1,000th career game on Tuesday, and the team didn't disappoint. The highlight of the pre-game festivities was this video put together that spliced music, career highlights and player quotes into one great package.

Check it out below the jump.

The video certainly had an impression among members of the press box. Here's Stephen Whyno of the Washington Times:

Cardinal rules: never cheer in the press box. Bet it was awful hard for a lot of us then. Mike Knuble one of best in biz.

Kudos to the Capitals. Their video team always seems to come up with winners, and it looks like this one was as well. And of course, kudos to Knuble himself. One thousand games in the National Hockey League is definitely an accomplishment that's worth celebrating.