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Capitals Vs. Coyotes: Caps Play Yet Another Scoreless Period, Tied 0-0 With Coyotes

The Washington Capitals are used to not scoring in the first period. Monday's output in the first 20 minutes against the Phoenix Coyotes was nothing new as the Caps and Coyotes are scoreless after one period.

The Caps, last in the NHL with 35 first period goals, had five shots on net, as did the Coyotes. Neither team, however, had a shot in the last 8:30 of the period.

Washington had the best chance to score just 19 seconds in when Derek Morris hooked Alex Ovechkin, giving the Caps an early power play. Despite a few scoring chances, the Caps' power play struggles continued as they failed to score.

There was definitely a feeling-out process for both teams; quality scoring chances were few and far between.