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Are Capitals Fans Being Too Hard On The Team?

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This season hasn't gone according to plan for the Capitals. They were supposed to be the runaway winner of the Eastern Conference, while averaging about 13 goals per game. That hasn't been the case so far, as the Caps sit sixth in the conference and only have a +5 goal differential.

As a result, the fans are growing restless. And can you blame them? Where is the team that tore up the regular season last year? But is it possible that all of their displeasure, or at least the voicing of it, is actual detrimental to the club? Rock the thinks so.

We've become the fan equivalent of the overbearing hockey parent who tells our kid's coach what he should do and yells from the stands at kids who just want to have fun. Sooner or later, the coach and the kids can't help but take notice. It stops being fun. I don't know about you, but I hate that parent.

I think we all hate that parent. Nobody wants to be that fan. But when you're team is struggling you have no choice, right? Well, not exactly.

It's important to remember what it means to be a fan of a team. It should be a source of joy, not a source of frustration. I know that's hard to ask for, but it will make watching the team a lot more fun, I promise. And it isn't even the playoffs yet. There is no need to get this kind of frustration when the games are largely meaningless. It isn't good for your blood pressure.

The Caps aren't playing very well this season, that is for sure. But it doesn't help to rain boos on them and yell what they should be doing. Don't you think they know that already? It's hard enough to play in front of two overbearing parents, let alone 18,000 of them.

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