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Washington Capitlas Injuries: Nicklas Backstrom Fractures Thumb Against Penguins, Status Unknown

At some point during the Washington Capitals game against the Pittsburgh Penguins, Kris Letang slashed Caps' center Backstrom on the left hand. The hit left Backstrom in pain, but he stayed in the game. After the game, Backstrom received an X-Ray, and the results aren't very good. Japers' Rink translated this story from Per Aftonbladet.

The cause of the injury was a slash from Kris Letang that the referees didn't blow the whistle for. After the game the X-Ray showed a fracture in the thumb.

[Backstrom:] "Yes there is a little fracture. It's too bad that it happened but I don't think it feels that bad."

If the young Swede ... will have to watch from the sideline's is unclear at the moment.

"I don't know I think I'm day-to-day and right now. I feel ok, but we have to wait and see how it feels in the next couple of days."

"It feels damn good to beat them but we won four out of four two years ago and they still beat us in the playoffs that year. So in the big picture this could mean nothing."

The Capitals needed help in the pivot even before this injury, so it might place some onus on them to acquire a center before the trading deadline. Japers' Rink points out that Backstrom has yet to miss a contest in his NHL career, but I would expect that streak to end very shortly. Keep checking back in this stream for updates as the become available.