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Washington Capitals Injuries: Nicklas Backstrom Expected to Play Friday Despite Broken Thumb

Nicklas Backstrom suffered a broken thumb against the Pittsburgh Penguins on Monday. But he is a hockey player, and thus, far tougher than the average mortal man. We are now hearing that despite the injury, Backstrom is expected to play when the Capitals take on the Rangers tomorrow night.

Okay - so Nicklas Backstrom is expected to play. Thumb is definitely smarting, but he's "a tough kid" Bruce Boudreau said.less than a minute ago via web

One can only imagine the amount of wrapping and splints that will be around that thumb under his glove. Hopefully members of the other team won't be targetting that injury with their sticks, or it could lead to something  little but more serious.

Usually teams are very discreet about their injuries so that other players can't target them throughout a game. But the Rangers are going to know exactly where to hit him if that is in fact their intent.

On a positive note though, it shows that the injury is probably not that serious if Backstrom isn't even going to miss a single game.